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original_re's Journal

Original slash/yaoi recs, reviews, and resources
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for three things: recommending and reviewing original slash/yaoi, and giving links to resources that would be useful to writers of original slash/yaoi. You are not required to post, but it would be nice.

I'm a lenient maintainer, so I don't really enjoy having and enforcing lots of rules but there are a few rules you must abide by. Thankfully, most of them are common sense and shouldn't be too difficult to follow.

- No recommending your own stories. This community is for pointing people at stories you enjoyed and wanted others to enjoy as well, not advertising your own works.
- You can be as critical as you like in your reviews--go ahead and tell us if the story would be better, had the author taken the time to proofread!--but please don't bash or flame.
- Check the memories to be sure what you're recommending/reviewing hasn't already been posted. I'll try to update the memories once a week or so, depending on how active the community gets.
- Use this template when posting a recommendation:
    Genre: (This page has a good list of genres; use your best judgement)
    Summary: (Can be the author's summary or your own, it doesn't matter)
    What makes you recommend the story?
    What about the story annoys you?
    Any other comments:
<lj-cut text="Rating/Warnings"> (Warnings and ratings behind a cut because some people dislike being warned about the content of a story, as such warnings can give away plot points, etc)
    Rating: (We'll be using the MPAA's rating system)
    Warnings: (Warn for disturbing things such as non-con, violence, underage, etc.)</lj-cut>

The community is maintained by kkscatnip. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. ^_^